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Updated: Aug 13, 2023

In the Old Testament, the kingdom of Judah was in need of a kick in the rear, or a smack upside the head as some may say. They had blatantly disobeyed and rebelled against God and the kingdom of heaven. In turn, God directly and plainly judged them both through foreign nations and through Isaiah the prophet. While many may have agreed they deserved to be punished or disciplined, God in His omniscient wisdom, simply opened their sin-blinded eyes.

I believe the dialog may have sounded something like this: “your vision is being clouded by your pain, you are focusing on your lack instead of MY provision. Your frustration is a by-product of your self-reliant mindset, I NEVER asked or expected you to make your own way.” I think God was really telling them to expand the tent pegs. “Enlarge the tent and live like you have it all, because you do! You have my unending love, my power, my forgiveness, my provision, you have ME!”

There certainly are days when I need this vision, and need to adjust my God glasses a bit. Some days I tire quicker than I'd like, allow pain to quicken my temper and frustration to scale my eyes. I want to just climb into my little tent of frustration, pity, and anger and sulk. Smaller tents can feel more comfortable, safer, easier, maybe even a bit more predictable. How ever dark and cramped they may outwardly appear, I can still feel the comfort of the small tent, but make no mistake, it's short-lived.

God desires to draw me out of my little me tent. God urges me from the isolation into a larger tent, to expand MY tent pegs. A tent that looks to grow and flourish His kingdom. One where I choose to come to dwell with Him, no matter the circumstances. His tent flows freely with breeze of fresh perspective, a light airiness of strength renewed, the energy of sunshine to see beyond ourselves. God desires to pull us out of the dark, restrictive places that give us a false sense of security! We don't have to dwell in a place of pain, pity or anger, and God doesn't want that for us either! So this week I challenge you...expand the tent pegs and see what God will do! I know you will be amazed, God is so faithful and He loves you and me so very much!

Jesus said, “If you...know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” Matthew 7:11

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What an incredible perspective! Thank you for this!

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