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Pick a letter, any letter!

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

I had someone ask me many years ago to pick a letter in the alphabet that represented my walk with the Lord. At the time, I was young in my Christian faith and chose the letter "R" to describe my experience of coming out of "religion" and stepping into "relationship" with my Savior. I have been "redeemed," and the Lord has "redirected" my steps. These "R’s" are a true testament to the fact that nobody is beyond God’s reach.

Life for me before my salvation was anything but squeaky clean. My mantra was basically, "If it feels good, do it….I was extremely self-serving; I had little, if any, self-discipline; and regretfully, there were many people that I hurt along the way. I thought that I needed nobody; it's not that I didn’t want people in my life, but I simply wouldn’t allow myself to rely on them or on them. I was selfish with a capital "S."

BUT GOD!!! He changed my "S’s" to "R's," and I have never been the same! HALLELUJAH!!!

When I think about that same question today, I would probably still pick the letter "R", but for very different reasons. While I am extremely grateful for all of my "R’s" from yesteryear, they look very different today. Now they are more about sustenance. "Resting" in the truth of who HE is, "reliance" on HIM as my provider, "reaching" past my biases, "reflecting" on HIS goodness, being "refreshed" by His presence, understanding that I am one of HIS "representatives" here on earth and that HE made me with a purpose that makes me "relevant" for such a time as this.

What letter describes your walk with the Lord?

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