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Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Making a serious life change of any kind can be a complicated and evolving process that requires investment. Some things we just cannot know until we actually move into the house, buy the car, start the new job, engage in new relationships, etc.

When buying a home, we can drive through the neighborhood morning, noon, and night to observe all of the activities. We can even get all of the necessary inspections done, but until we move into the neighborhood and live in the house, we will not know.

Consider buying a car. We can go online, research everything about the car, test drive it, and ask all of the right questions. But, until we actually get behind the wheel, take the car home and If you drive it for an extended period of time, we will not know.

How about getting a new job? We can research the company and have three different interviews. with three different people and tour the building. Yet still, until we actually start working there, Learning the ins and outs, getting to know our coworkers, and how things really operate, we just cannot know.

Finally, think about forming a relationship. We can meet a new person, check out their style, habits, likes, and dislikes However, until we start the relationship process and spend an extended amount of time with them in-person, we cannot know what they are truly like.

Here is the point: if we have done all we know to do, asked all of the right questions, and done as much research and homework as possible, let’s not beat ourselves up over the "shoulda, Woulda and coulda" when things do not go according to our plans. There are just some things. We cannot possibly know the "fullness" of a situation until we experience it completely. With that being the case, once we have bought the house or car, taken the job, or engaged in the relationship, there is usually a learning opportunity that promotes our individual growth if we look at things correctly.

Have you ever heard the saying, "Things looked a lot different on the way out than they did on the way in"? Well, life is full of that kind of learning experience. These experiences allow us many opportunities to help others through what we’ve learned. The key is to learn from the experiences, which will help us to avoid unnecessary potholes and ditches that are ever-present with us. So, congratulations on your new investment. Consider it an opportunity for a great learning experience.

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