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Consider the lilies - Luke 12: 27

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

I started taking photos intentionally with my phone camera in 2013. I had a new phone with a fancy camera that I had no idea how to use. I had a thirty-something friend who enthusiastically showed me how to zoom, crop, adjust lighting and horizons; she widened my field of vision with that simple act of friendship.

Jesus comes alongside us every day to point out new things – or old things from a new perspective. He points out lilies, sparrows, farmers, breadmakers, children. He tells us to zoom in and look more closely, to see what He sees. He sees the hand of His Father in everything. And I believe, just like my friend, He is excited to show us how to look, if we ask.

I take pictures because they reveal to me God’s care and attention for all things, broken or whole, lovely or plain. If He cares so much for these things, surely He must know and care about everything concerning me as well. I am not forgotten, overlooked, or dismissed by Him, and neither are you. If He knows which sparrow falls, He surely know our falls, and our triumphs.

So I take a little longer to walk. I look at leaves and puddles and broken things. This in turn takes my mind off of myself! I ask God to open my eyes to what He wants me to see. He alters my perspective and spills grace and beauty into my day. And my hope is that His grace spills over onto you.

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