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Bee Kingdom Builders

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

I am extremely impressed by the female worker honeybees. I recently had a quick dream about a beehive. After which, I decided to do some research. The research led me to the following questions: Do we give each day an assignment, or do we allow our days to assign themselves? Do our days have a rhythm to them, or are they completely offbeat? In my research on the worker bees, I learned that their entire day is preplanned and that they each have specific daily duties assigned to them. Some go out in search of flower nectar, which produces honey. Other duties include picking resin, fetching water, guarding the hive, preparing jelly for the queen (these bees are called the "Royal Chefs"), fostering and nursing young bees into adulthood, building the architecture of the hive, and more! They are all females, and they are all diligent worker bees. So admirable! The worker bees are not just busy, but they are busy with purpose and are extremely productive. The bees remind me of us because we too are females, just like the worker bees. We, too, are productive and have an awesome purpose. We too are diligent and on assignment—sharing the gospel, being faithful, knowing God's word, and praying every day, among many other things! We, too, are builders like the bees.

“Bee Kingdom Builders!”

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