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Acorn Story

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

I have been reading a book by Dr. Charles S. Price titled "The Real". In it, he shares an illustration that truly spoke to me, and he would like to share it with you too.

Once upon a time, there was a tiny little seed planted in the ground. It was an acorn. After a while, it shed its little overcoat and cuddled away in the arms of Mother Nature, so that it might be fed and grow. All through the long winter night, she kept the little seed warm, and when the springtime sun came out, its little acorn heart burst open with joy and delight. It started to grow. Then a man came along and put a big, heavy rock over the little seed. It began to worry and fret for fear that it would never be able to raise its little head to where it could see the light of day. It wanted to wear a garland of leaves for its hair and to grow to be beautiful and strong. One day, its feeble hands touched the rock. They were such tiny, tender little hands. The little tree that was growing felt so helpless. It did not struggle or try to move the rock that was the enemy of its heart and life. It just grew. One day, the rock was lifted. It was pushed out of the way, and the little leafy hands clapped for joy. Who lifted the rock? The seed? No! It was something within the seed that no man in the world has ever been able to reproduce. It was God’s power that pushed the rock over.

My friend, you are a little seed. You, too, can grow into something noble and beautiful for God. The power of faith can be manifested in your life until an angel will wonder. However, when the battle is over and the victory has been won, do not say, "Look at what I have done through the Lord," but rather kneel at the foot of the cross and say, "Is it not wonderful that His grace and His faith should be manifested in me?"

This story drives home the fact that God’s got us. He’s got everything worked out, and even when we have our moments of fear, He is still on the throne... When we feel hopeless, He has a plan for us. We need not struggle; just surrender and let the Lord of heaven work in His power through us.

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