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In the words of my Uncle June. "If you're GOING TO PASS, THEN PASS."

I remember we were headed to New Jersey to visit my precious mother, who was very ill. I I was about 17 years old, and my uncle briefly let me drive his cool car. It was my first time driving on the highway. There was a semi truck in front of me, so I got into the left passing lane. However, I lingered there. The semi flashed his lights, but I did not respond accordingly. My Uncle June said, Do you know why he’s flashing his lights? I said no, Why? He said, He’s letting You know you can pass. He said, "If you’re going to pass, then pass." I sped up and passed the semi and returned to the right lane. All of that to say, At times we tend to linger, which means to stay in a place longer than necessary because of a reluctance to leave a current situation.

Change can be difficult and complicated, and there are many reasons for this. We must allow God to be our guide, and we put our complete trust in him. We do not have to fear. His word says, "Fear not, for I am with you; be not afraid, for I am your God!" There is no need for us to linger. need to fear. God is calling us forth to walk in our God-given purpose. So let's go, Ladies! I could say more, but all I will say is to include myself. If we’re going to pass, then let’s pass!

Can I get a witness?

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