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Register now for Winter WOW!

What is Winter WOW, you ask? 

It's a break from winter and an opportunity to connect with ladies in a cozy, relaxed atmosphere.  Enjoy food, fun, and the Word.  Sit by the fire and have a cup of hot chocolate. Engage in conversation with a friend or take a nap in the middle of the day. 

More than anything, you'll draw closer to God and understand more of who you are in Him and Who He is in you. 

This is an occasion you don't want to miss!   

$100 covers all meals and lodging. 

*Only TOP bunks remain available*
Friday, March 15 @5:00 pm-Sunday March 17 @ 2:00 pm

Winter WOW Registration Form
Sorry, only TOP bunks remain available
Are you a loud snorer when you sleep?
Meals will be provided by volunteers. (YUM!) If you would like to be one of the volunteers, please check below and you will be contacted.

Thanks for registering.We will see you there!

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