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WOW Saturdays

WOW Saturday Morning is a conversational forum featuring interviews with everyday women from all different walks of life who have a story to share.  These are real women who have faced real challenges and have seen glorious victories all because Jesus makes a difference!  Be encouraged in your own life as you listen to their stories of triumph.  If you, or someone you know would like to share their story on an upcoming segment of WOW Saturday Morning, contact us and we will be in touch!

                                                                                  Kingdom Woman

Kingdom Woman features women sharing the Word of God in a relatable way.  Dig into the Word of God and be inspired as you listen!

Image by Sergey Shmidt

     Monday Morning Minute

 Each Monday morning we release a new one minute encouraging word to start your week off right!  The ladies who deliver these little bursts of sunshine want you to know that you are LOVED by God and you can make it through whatever comes your way!

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